November 02, 2005

Lotusphere 2006 - Abstract accepted!
Posted by Jess in Announcements

I submitted the abstract, and it was approved. Yes!!

I will be giving a Pre-Conference Jumpstart session:
JMP101 - Administration for the Developer - Installing and Configuring Your Own Domino Server Playground!

Are you a developer who has only worked with a Domino server already in place? Would you like to learn how to start from scratch and make sure you still end up secure? Or how to create a development server and keep it from messing with your production environment? This session will teach developers who have no prior admin experience how get a Domino server up and running. Learn how to create your own development playground by walking through a complete install and basic configuration of a Domino server. You'll use the Administrator client to create user IDs, use the administration process (adminp), and configure and secure Domino as both an SMTP and web server. We'll review the server tasks you need (and don't need) for a development environment, and we'll show you how to configure your dev server so that it "plays nice" in your production environment. We'll even show you how to create firewall rules to access your server from the Internet. When you leave this session, you'll be able to create a development server of your very own, without disturbing your admins!

I can't wait. I've gotten a few requests from developers wanting to know how to do this. Even wanting to get a server playground up and running at home becomes impossible when you're not sure what floodgates you're opening. It's easy when it's already in place at work, but what about starting from scratch? No one seems to ever think about this. So, I decided it was time to change that.

Oh, more good news. Matt's coming this year, too. :-)



wow! congrats! jumpstart huh? if i can be there i will... a lot of times i don't make on sunday until later, but if i can make it out i will!


Posted by: jonvon at November 2, 2005 07:53 PM

Does this mean you will miss the blogger brew fest and Turtle Party at ESPN on Saturday night? :-)

Posted by: Bruce Elgort at November 2, 2005 08:38 PM

@Bruce: Ah, no. :-)

Posted by: Jess at November 3, 2005 08:16 AM

I like this! I tried to install just the 7 client a couple days ago and I hosed my current client(s). Great idea for a JumpStart.

Posted by: Curt Stone at November 3, 2005 01:14 PM

Congratulations! Great topic!

Posted by: The Lion King (aka Ray Bilyk) at November 3, 2005 01:49 PM

Jess, I am SO glad this abstract got accepted. I am among the throngs of ignorant developers who've never set up a Domino server, and I need this session. I do hope your session is at a different time vs Tom & Julian's ...'cause I'd really like to be there to give them a bad time ...But I think I need to be at your session more than I need to heckle T&J. Cool that our spouses are coming too (ok, S only for Sat eve, but still :-)
See you guys soon.

Posted by: Joe Litton at November 8, 2005 08:57 AM

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