April 27, 2004

Help is just an IM and a forum away...
Posted by Jess in Tech Talk

So here I was. Tired from being up until the wee hours of the morning working on the error message. Matt had been up until the wee hours of the morning with me, working on the error message. And he's not even a Lotus guy! He's just good like that.

I was really, really sick and tired of the error message.

My blood pressure was really, really rising because of the error message.

My deadline had come and gone, but there was that error message.

What was it? "Attempt to execute nested events" when I clicked a button. Now I know that this is usually caused by calling doc.Save in the QuerySave event, or something similar, such as calling uidoc.Refresh in PostRecalc. I had none of these (or so I thought).

Here was my button code:
Dim ws As New NotesUIWorkspace
Set uidoc = ws.currentdocument
uidoc.EditMode = True
Call uidoc.FieldSetText("SetFlag", "1")
Call uidoc.Refresh
uidoc.EditMode = False

The error occurred between the following lines:
uidoc.EditMode = True
Call uidoc.FieldSetText("SetFlag", "1")

I also had the following PostRecalc code:
If source.Document.SetFlag(0) = "1" Then
Call RunMe
End If

I figured it was a timing issue as the error went away if I ran it through the debugger. It also went away if I put a 'msgbox "Hi!"' in between also.

I tried everything. I tried putting a sleep command, a Yield, etc. I converted it to use the backend doc instead of uidoc. I saved the doc and had the code run in the QuerySave. No luck.

(the reason for the code being done this way is to run the function RunMe, which was out of scope for the button and there was no way to use an agent. I'm just waiting for someone to ask!)

I got up early after going to bed late working on it. It's very lonely when your code won't work and no one's online in IM. :-) Finally, around 9:30 AM I threw in the white towel and posted on the forum.

All of a sudden, the help rang out. Joe answered my post with a great suggestion (which wasn't the solution, but thanks anyway!). Bruce, being the first online, got the panicky chat alert first. Bruce then kindly put out an All-Points Bulletin for me, and more help started rolling in. Rob McDonagh came up with another fantastic suggestion (that I was in the middle of trying once a fix came in on the forum by John Lanham). In the meantime, Chris Toohey was jumping on the help bandwagon, and even recruited one of his coworkers to drop me a line about it.

What was the problem? It wasn't an entire timing issue, as I thought. It was the Form property "Automatically refresh fields" being checked. So I really *was* attempting to execute nested form field events! Who knew? Apparently John did. I was calling a refresh within a refresh. Or at least a split second before a refresh. Which, apparently, is close enough.

This post has two purposes, the first one is to show the world the painful Gotcha that I was just exposed to (so they don't spend as long on it as I did!), and secondly, to once again point out that Dominoids are the coolest people on earth. :-D

April 17, 2004

When the grownups get to come out and play
Posted by Jess in Day to Day

Last week, I went out Monday and Saturday night to see two very different bands...

Monday the 5th was The Crystal Method at Lupo's at the Strand in Providence, and Saturday was Tower of Power at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun (free show, woo hoo!)

Going from electronica to funk and soul was a switch, but even more of a switch was the people watching, and how different the age and clothes were. The only thing that was the same was the attitude of happiness at getting to hear/see great music.

The neatest thing that I love about concerts is that when I look around, I see adults of all ages grooving in their playclothes, myself included. The funnest thing, especially on a Monday show, is to remember that probably only a few hours before, these people were bankers, electricians, stock brokers, morticians. Closing a deal. Fixing a computer. Stressing over a proposal due. Clad in business suits, ties, high-heels, and very modest makeup.

Then the night begins, and the clubs become OUR Chuck-E-Cheese's, where an adult can be an adult.

It felt very real.

April 10, 2004

D20 pendant - I LOVE being a geek.
Posted by Jess in Geek Humor


This will be mine someday. Oh yes. And I'll wear it proudly.

Giving my Spam and Virus seminar everywhere I can...
Posted by Jess in Tech Talk

One thing I love doing is giving seminars... it used to be just for fun, but now I have to make a living as a small business owner, so it's sort of a necessity. That, and I have learned that there is nothing wrong with shameless self-promotion to get business. If it came down to keeping my pride or keeping my house, well, you get the idea.

So I came up with a seminar that I've been wanting to do for a long time, and contacted the town recreation department (continuing adult education). Sure enough, I was added to the program.

It was a two-parter - week 1 was two hours on viruses, while week 2 was two hours on everything spam. It was designed to list the topics as common questions, and then I'd answer them. I think I covered it pretty well, usually there was only one question left at the end if at all.

While attendance wasn't as good as I would have liked, it was success, everyone who was there said that it was very, very good. And, they all called needing work on their computers.

So, I've also signed up to do the same at the Adult programs for continuing education in the next town over this summer.

I was also able to give just the Spam seminar at the Providence Business Expo 2004 last Thursday, which was fantastic. The nice thing about it, is that I can pace it to fit whatever time constraints I have. I can go through the entire thing in about 45 minutes, or I can tell andecdotes and spread it for two hours. It's very flexible, and very fun. :-)

But, the main goal is that now some more people are educated and ready to be Internet responsible. That's the MAIN goal. Roomful of people down, world to go.

It's a Powerpoint presentation, so maybe I'll just put it up for download and let Google searchers get it who are trying to do something about the spam they get!

April 05, 2004

To Save or Not To Save?
Posted by Jess in Geek Humor

That is the question. And when it pops up when you go to close a document that you've had open for about FOUR HOURS, don't you hate it when you can't remember if you intended to save it or not?

Case 1:
You save it, and you weren't supposed to. So you reopen the document, and discover that you're Pulitzer Prize-winning sentence was wiped out while you were on a conference call and needed a document open to type "capitalize" because someone asked you how to spell it and it's easier just to type it and see if it comes up red.

Case 2:
You cautiously said no to the save, not remembering what you did, only to discover that you just wiped out the one line of code that you've been beating yourself against the wall with all day.

The annoying thing is, at that point, usually it's too late to do a Save As. No, I've gone too far and must now commit to "Yes" or "No".

I just hope my brain works faster than my mouse finger.



April 03, 2004

Who needs a spa? Get a new cell phone.
Posted by Jess in Geek Humor

Perhaps I've taken my love affair of 'always have something pretty in sight' too far.


All day my cell phone rings, and I pick it up and answer. And then I open it again in the midst of a busy day to make a call. It could be raining, it could just be a really bad day.

What's a girl to do? Buy a new phone. Yes, I have gone off the deep end, and bought a new cell phone purely because of the sunflower wallpaper.

So now, whenever I open my cell phone, I can deep breath, and say "ahhhhhh...." ... even if only for a few moments until the craziness kicks in again.


On a side note, for $5/month, my Nextel gives me access to my Lotus Notes mail, contacts, and calendar. I've died and gone to heaven.

I didn't want to carry around a PDA *and* a cell phone, but I needed the ability to check my calendar while on the road to make appointments. This is perfect. (It definately wouldn't have been as nice without the new phone that was colorized and had a larger screen, beware.)

It can alert me when I get new email messages from either any new mail, or only from people I specify. Right now it's set to alert me when Matt sends me an email. ;-)

This way I get the best of both worlds. I get to look at a pretty sunflower, AND discover that my hubbie just wrote to say hi.

April 01, 2004

Blog Trackbacks create digital Cartel
Posted by Jess in Geek Humor

April 1, 2004 Ė New York City, NY

Blog Trackbacking has taken a nasty, digital turn. It started when the owners of two blogs, "Life's a beach" and "Swimming with sharks" set their blog publishing programs to auto-ping trackback entries.

When the blog software discovered it did not need itís user to post back to each otherís site, the bandwith started flying.

The owner of "Life's a beach" noticed one day that users were posting comments to a blog entry he did not remember writing. When asked why he did not immediately raise a red flag about the entry, he commented, "Well, the grammar and diction was actually much better than usual, so why complain? The amount of comments posted tripled overnight."

The topic of the blog was asking for advice on illegal activities such as money laundering, non-casino gambling, and drug shipping.

Said the owner of 'Swimming with sharks', "I think my blog saw frequent web use of the words 'syndicate' and 'traffic', and took it seriously. When I programmed the XML to syndicate itself, it was all over."

Over the next several months, the blog software pair decided to scrap the daily blogging, and instead went to join forces with other rogue blogs to create their own Wiki: ditch the stupid humans.

When asked why the owner of "Life's a beach" did not notice the deletion of the blog software on his own server, he replied, "Oh that stupid blog? I gave that up months ago. It got boring. Do I still have a web account? Iím not still paying for it, am I?"

Other blog users gave similar answers, not realizing their blog software had turned shady due to lack of interest anymore in returning to their own blogs. Many had not even gone back to their own to check to see if comments had been posted.

Said the President of Blogs R' Us, "This kind of thing happens every day. There's millions of abandoned blogs out there with their trackback auto-discovery still turned on. There just sitting there, watching, waiting. Itís only a matter of timeÖ"

On a related note, the popular blog tracking service Daypop has changed itís name to Datepop, after auto-trackback has romantically linked several blog owners who did not know they had so much in common until their auto-trackback discoveries were proving solid matches over the course of a year.

April 1, 2003

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