May 21, 2004

Mmmm. Starchy.
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Matt and I were discussing dinner tonight, and came up with an interesting question, putting our other more pressing issues aside (How do they put carbonated soda into the bottle without it all overflowing with foam? How come the candy rows in the front of the store never change size, yet they are always coming out with new candy bars and I can still always find the old ones I am looking for? Where is all that room coming from?).

Is a potato a vegetable? I said no, I thought it was a starch. Matt thought it was a vegetable. He also mentioned that foods arenít starch, they contain starch.

So I did what any other 28-year old independent women would do in my situation. I called my mother. She knows everything. Matt once told her that if he was ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, she would be the phone-a-friend. You want to know the opposite of an abundance? You call my mother (a dearth).

She informed me that a potato is, in fact, a tuber. Who knew?

May 17, 2004

Back from Admin2004
Posted by Jess in Tech Talk

Back from Boston, and words can't say how floored I am about how it was. The sessions, the people, it was just great.

Ed Brill and I attended Mike Rhodin's keynote together about Lotus Workplace, and it looked great, but I had one question that I forgot to ask Ed. I was happy because I had heard so much about it, but it's hard to visualize through the extensive feature adjective list without actually *seeing* it. I finally got to do that. But here's the question:
one of the focal points was about using push-technology to bring client apps to users. But was that LOTUS client apps, or any client apps? It's a big difference, and one I'm not sure of.

I attended so many great sessions, and had a long time to wait, as I wasn't presenting until Friday.

However, I did my session, Best Practices for Maintaining a User's Environment, and it went great, considering it was my first time presenting. Well, the microphone fell, which was embarrassing, but I just said "uh-oh, mike down!" and everyone laughed, and then it was back to normal.

But, the demo's went great. I had set my laptop up for Domino with Virtual PC, and then just to be safe, I linked it to the Notes client via the Microsoft Loopback Adapter.

The good news is that all my demo take-home materials ended up on the CD after all. Due to some FTP issues, I was told originally that my stuff didn't make it on time, and so I had to put them up for download on my website. However, I double checked, and there they were.

However, I haven't taken them off my site yet, so you can see what I had for take home here.

Once I was done presenting, I had already gone to so many sessions during the week, and the stress of presenting myself did me in... I was so tired, by late Friday we left on our way home. I had wanted to stay Friday night and hang out, but by that time, my brain was a big mushy mess (sure sign of a great conference!).

My session got great reviews, and I even got an email from an attendee that enjoyed it, so hopefully they have me back next year.

Huge thanks to Susan Bulloch and Kathleen McGivney, who sat right in the front row for support. It was more appreciated than they'll ever know, really!!

Time to go through the rest of the presentations I wanted to go to but didn't get a chance to...

May 11, 2004

Admin2004, here I come...
Posted by Jess in Announcements

Wish me luck!
I'm taking the long trip up to Boston (har har) until Friday. Matt is coming with me, for some wonderful husbandly support.

Reboot is staying with the 'rents. I have a feeling lots of spoiling will go along with that, too.

It's kind of funny, she has a bigger vocabulary than many children I know, so I had to write a list of "Reboot's words" to give to my parents. Matt and I have always told her out loud what we were doing, "time for water", "let's go down the stairs", etc. etc. so now she knows these words.

Her list includes:
release (drop what's in her mouth. This one is VERY useful.)

off (if she's jumping or on a couch she's not suposed to be on)

high-five (gimme five! Real cute. We've had people say, "yo dog, gimme five", and then hold up their hand, and then be REALLY surprised when Reboot lifts up her paw and smacks their hand with it.)

gentle (if she's playing a bit too rough)

too far (if she's straying too far away from us)

Granted, she knows too many variations of the word "treat", so Matt and I have started making up different words each time to throw her off... it's funny.

"What do you think, that was very good, should she get a FARFEGNUGEN"?

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