February 08, 2005

Admin2004 slides posted by Jess

As I still recover and furiously type away creating my new slides for The View's Admin2005 (they invited me back for three sessions), I realized that we're into the new year and I never posted last year's slides.

Best Practices to Maintain a User's Environment

Jess Stratton, Solace Consulting Services
Proper server maintenance is not the same thing as proper user maintenance. You'll learn how to provide easy access to moved databases and see how to enter code to update calendars. Discover many enhancements available that you can apply to your infrastructure to lessen the needs of your client base. Learn easy ways to implement server changes without affecting the user. Learn how to communicate with your users so they'll respond when you need them to and change the interface to adhere to the most up-to-date corporate policies. Create an environment that leads to a steady decline in support calls, along with a steady increase in the number of happy end users!

BP_MUE.zip, 1M, Powerpoint presentation

Downloads and take-home materials
(as referenced in the slides:)

The Automated Admin (autoadmin.nsf)
Automated utilities such as finding out what agents a user has signed, what databases are full-text indexed, what databases are missing the Administrator ACL, etc. Find out which users have local replicas of their mail file, as well as tracking who has clicked the button code you have sent them.
Download autoadmin.nsf (648k)

Button code sampler (samples.zip)
This is samples.nsf, an R5 mail file with drafts of button code, which include the online connectivity test, update location/connection documents, and rename resources/rooms.
Download samples.zip (1.7M)

Text documents of the code in the buttons above (buttontext.zip)
Donít forget! To use the rename resources/rooms code, first create your new resource/room, and then run my agent in the Resource Reservations database available below.
Download buttontext.zip (5k)

Log agent to give daily reports of search string occurrences (log.nsf)
Look for the agent "SearchStringViaEmail". Customize the search string to fit your needs (defaulted to all users who refused a name change the previous day), and get daily summaries of if they occur, and how often.
Download log.nsf (448k)

Rename Resources/Rooms (resources.zip)
Look for the agents RenameResource and RenameRoom. Create your new resource or room. Then, change the constants in the agent to your new name. Select the documents you want to rename, and run the agent. Then, send the button code above after changing the constants to the new name.
Download resources.zip (497k)

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