January 30, 2004

The Giration Awards January 2004 posted by Jess

This month's winner of the first Giration Awards goes to my neighbor, Erin!


Congratulations Erin! Erin wins the first award for several reasons.

1. Not only was this picture taken at Erin's house on her birthday, but the entire reason we are fortunate to have the giration at all is because of Erin. Therefore it is only fitting that she can have the honor of being the first to win this prestigious award.

2. Upon being asked to go over to play PS2 Jeopardy at Erin's one night, she asked me if I'd bring the giration over because she missed it. Maybe because we originally bought it to give to Erin, she feels a special bond with giration?

Who am I kidding. Who DOESN'T feel a special bond with giration?

Please note how Erin wisely holds the giration at a safe distance. Look how proud her husband is!

Who will be the next to win the giration award? Could it be you? Do you have that certain 'giration-sais-quoi'? Only giration knows...

History of the giration and archives of previous winners...

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