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Love Handle Official Web Site
Jess' brother's band. Funk and Soul. Goooooood stuff. Go get your groove on.

Cutting Room Chore
If it wasn't my brother again, I'd just be appalled to have a link to footage like this on my site. :-)
"We have recently discovered shocking footage of animal cruelty perpetrated by a film crew working for TriSunn Films. After reviewing repeated Cease and Desist orders, our attorneys have assured us that we can show this footage on the web with minimal chance of litigation."

Maximum Exposure
Real TV, but with a delightfully sarcastic perspective.
Thousands of gift ideas. I'm posting this as a Public Service to everyone. I found it 2 days after Christmas.

Kender Taunt Generator
A tribute to my favorite character, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, and my email namesake. When you just can't find the right words...

Photo Gallery
If I have to describe what this one is to you, your admission to the Lazlo Hollyfeld School for the Gifted lapsed three years ago.

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