Composition Roofing

Composition roofing is a top choice for many homeowners

composite roof

Now available in a big variety of styles and colors that can perfectly match your home. Today, modern composite roofs have one of the longest warranties (20-50 year) are known to have the Class “A” fire rating. This makes the composition (asphalt shingle) roof a great choice.

You understand that one of the best protectors of your home is your roof. Because of the elements you experience in your area, you need to call a company that will offer you the complete solution when it comes to picking out the right roof material. Asphalt shingles might seem like a great option, but perhaps not for your home or budget restrictions. Click your cursor on the illustrations above to explore more information about the advantages and different choices of each material.

The asphalt composition shingle is one of the most widely use in roofing material. They are created in two different types based on the material used. They are made with either organic fiber mat or fiberglass core. The difference is that each type of shingle is impregnated with asphalt and then coated with little mineral granules that add the different textures and colors.

Ask the owners of the local company you call if they employ certified Master Elite roofing craftsman who are experts in a wide variety of styles and composition roofing materials to match your home. You’ll want to talk to an asphalt shingle or composite roofing expert to determine the best choice for your home and budget. Click here for a free 20-point roof inspection.

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